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Your POV after our first date.

We could roll around in the sheets ?

Hopefully you notice I got my nails done for you.

Don't act like you're not impressed ?

I think blue just might be my color. What do you think? ?

It’s finally stocking weather! ?

Nature titties!

Nature titties!

alot of guys say i make college less boring. i may have to agree ;)

I magically appear when you rub your lamp

So what are we gonna do today

Hey, hey you! Are you awake yet?

Mine aren't very big, would you still look down my shirt if I didn't wear a bra?

My Girls wants to go out

And how many jewelry do I have?

It’s so hard to resist showing off ?

Do you guys like to suck areolas?

No makeup ir filter here

Do you think my work outfit would look better with a bra?

Exploring the past through my photo collection

What could be better than this view

New dress day!

New dress day!

Wife’s epic rack! The best downblouse…

Me (19y, petite) with my gym outfit :)

What a wonderful way to start the morning

I won’t mind if you don’t look me in the eyes…

definitely not trying to seduce

Take a closer look if you want

They look so good in this top

I love when I catch you looking ?

If I was laying down next to you, here's your view ;)